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(Example: Stacy, 10 yrs. Needs study area with better light & storage in bedroom)
What is the age of the home, square footage, and how many bedrooms & bathrooms are there?
Which design styles are you most drawn to?
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(friends homes, restaurants, hotels, even a TV or movie set)
Have you saved images that inspired you via either of the following websites?
(i.e. are there any Accessibility needs or do you simply want to design a specific area for yourself, your child or your pet?)
(guest bedroom vs. pull out sofa)
(at the kitchen island, nook or formal dining area)
Where areas of the home you be most likely to congregate?
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What describes your dream kitchen best?
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What describes your dream master bathroom?
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Where do you like to shop for furnishings & decor?
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What types of artwork do you prefer?
What artwork medium do you prefer?
What are the colors you might decorate with?
What are the fabric patterns & textures you prefer?
What are your window covering needs?
What types of window coverings do you prefer?
(i.e. you dislike grout lines, your carpet is matted or stained, your furnishings are old and dated)